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 * [[Proceedings]] - Proceedings of conferences, workshop, and articles of IMS-external researchers  * [[Proceedings]] - Proceedings of conferences and workshops, and articles of IMS-external researchers

Welcome to the IMS Wiki

Institute for Natural Language Processing, Universität Stuttgart

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  • Resources - Text and speech corpora, AIMS, WordNet, LDC & ELRA memberships, templates for presentations, etc.

  • Tools - CL tools (tagger, parser, etc) and other software

  • Reservations - for rooms and projectors

  • HelpDesk - server info, IMS library, Dienstreisen, Posterdruck, Administrativa, etc.

  • Events - Institutsversammnlung, visits, vacation planner, Korpusrunde, etc.

  • Proceedings - Proceedings of conferences and workshops, and articles of IMS-external researchers



  • extern - pages under the extern tree are visible on the Internet (without IMS wiki login)

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