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== Welcome to the Wiki server == == Welcome to the IMS Wiki ==
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This is the first try for an IMS Wiki. Feel free to contribute.
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 * Only trusted users (which must register first) can read and write in this wiki.
 * Please [[http://gelbaugenpinguin.ims.uni-stuttgart.de/wiki/MyStartingPage?action=newaccount|register here]] and we'll add you to the TrustedGroup.
 * This will usually take a couple of minutes (the time it takes one of the administrators to notice your email).
 * You'll be notified as soon as the account is activated.
 * Please use your institute mail account.
 * Make sure not to include any white space in your user name. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camelcase|CamelCase]] is recommended.

'''After the registration is complete:''' GettingStarted

Welcome to the IMS Wiki

Institute for Natural Language Processing, Universität Stuttgart

I have no account! ==> HowToGetAnAccount





contact: wiki-admin(at)ims

Legal Notice

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